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There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as running full-tilt down a rocky incline totally focused on the run and oblivious to the world around you, and then coming out in one piece at the bottom. Trail running is a relatively new addition to the running family but is a great alternative to the busy and polluted roads.

There is really is no limit as to what is considered trail. Everything from ascending and descending mountains, bashing through bush, cruising along jeep tracks, crawling up boulders and jumping from rock to rock. Some trails are easy running with relatively flat surfaces and others are so steep and technical that your only option is to power-hike your way towards the finish.

Race distances can be anything from 5km through to 300km. Single one-day stages through to multi-stage races of 3, 5, 7 days and up.

Regardless of your preference when it comes to technical or non-technical terrain there is no doubt that being out in God’s amazing creation is always a wonderful, peaceful and fun experience.

In order to be a good trail runner one requires lots of strength, endurance and confidence coupled with good proprioception and balance. You also require all muscles to be firing as you twist and turn over varying terrain.

Cross Country is not dissimilar to trail running and can almost be thought of as the grandparent to trail running. Cross Country started in Britain with the first championship held in 1876!

Distances are 4 to 10km (The IAAF have recently change the championship distance from 12 to 10km for men and from 8 to 10km for woman).

The races are run as both individual and team events with each team member scoring a certain amount of points based on position. The races are run over terrain similar to trail but generally allow for faster running races. Good courses include grass, gravel, flat sections, steep climbs and even water from time to time.

Races tend to be fiercely competitive, often attracting the fast 10km and 21km road runners.

To be a good cross country runner one needs speed, speed-endurance, endurance, strength and a strong mind to battle it out.

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