Strength, Flexibility and Fitness Assessments


Running is a repetitive motion sport which over time will exploit any underlying muscle weaknesses or biomechanical imbalances a runner may have. This often ends in injury and frustration as the injuries usually keep recurring.

Injuries rob us of training time and since the body only maintains internal structures and systems it feels are critical to it’s survival, we begin to experience a condition known as “detraining.” In essence this means that every time we lay off training for a lengthy period of time we lose almost all the hard training hours we’ve put in and we end up starting from the beginning or, even months back.

We offer a full strength and flexibility test which assists in identifying weaknesses and imbalances which in all likelihood will become a problem at some point during training, especially when volume or intensities are increased.

The assessments are easily conducted at a local track, field or gym.

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