Running Mechanics Coaching

Developing the correct running mechanics are crucial to ensuring faster times and reduced injuries.

There is a ton of material available on the internet which speaks about correct running mechanics and form. Many runners, however, end up injured when trying to implement what they read. As an example: all the science and literature is clear that correct running mechanics involve ensuring that the runners feet are landing underneath their center of gravity on the mid to forefoot. Most runners after reading this will immediately try and concentrate on forcing their feet in a downward position and essentially forcing the foot to land mid to forefoot.

This approach however will result in an injury as the runner is now tensing the many anterior muscles of the lower leg and then landing on these loaded muscles resulting in strained muscles and injury in the legs and ankles.

With correct coaching an athlete will be shown how to get their feet into the correct position without even thinking about the feet. The result is a far more efficient running style, faster times and less injury.

Have a look at the two photos below. The first is the running form of a 16 year old when she first opted for coaching. The second is approximately six weeks later after teaching her the correct mechanics and how to implement them. With only running mechanics coaching her 1500m time dropped by a full minute.

j1        j2

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