Long Distances

Long distances are really anything from 10km up to a standard marathon. Anything beyond a standard marathon is considered to fall under the ultra-distance umbrella.

Almost anyone can complete a marathon or an ultra, but if you want to improve or be the best that you can be over a specific race distance, then you’re going to need discipline, commitment and the correct guidance and training from a knowledgeable coach.


There’s a saying, “every coach can run, but not every runner can coach.” The field of sports science is always changing and our understanding of the body keeps evolving. Without the sound advice from someone who is always learning and keeping up with the science you will never reach your full potential.

In order to become good at longer distances you have to gradually build and develop your speed, endurance, strength, speed-endurance and all the while ensuring that you get enough rest and recovery in order to avoid over-training syndrome.

There are a number of options available for long distance coaching:

  • Personal individualized coaching. Your training programs are loaded via an online training platform accessible by you via the web or an app on your smart device. You receive your training and proceed as per the directions for each day. You are then able to log your training back against your training diary in the online training platform. You are also required to submit weekly feedback to your coach giving all relevant feedback and cues the coach may require. Based on this feedback the coach is able to modify the training to better match your needs and response to the training.
  • Once-off event specific training programs. This option is for the athlete who is not able to, or does not want to commit to the coach-athlete relationship. The training program is written based on your completion of an information request form. There is no further interaction once the program is delivered.

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