Virtual or Online Coaching


Historically coaching involved meeting an athlete down at the local athletics track and guiding the athlete through the training for the day. Of course this type of coaching is still very much in existence and a service that we offer. (See Athletics /Track Coaching for more information.) The difficulty with meeting a coach down at the local track in this day and age is time, traffic and location.

Conventionally, face-to-face coaching often prevents an athlete from working with a coach that he/she really wants to work with. The solution is virtual coaching or otherwise known as online coaching,  e-coaching or remote coaching.

The internet has made virtual coaching a very possible and successful option. As such we offer personal coaching to athletes from anywhere in the world, all that’s needed is access to the internet and the ability to chat from time to time via Skype or any other VOIP type solution.

How exactly does it work?

We start off with an initial introduction chat which takes place either over a cup of coffee (if location permits) or via Skype. From there both athlete and coach are able to decide if this will be a mutually beneficially relationship. When you opt for coaching it’s not just a case of receiving a program, you are entering into a relationship and for that relationship to work both coach and athlete must feel like they can work with each other.

From there we establish goals and what’s required to attain those goals. Thereafter your online training portal account is created through which all your training is loaded and against which you upload your completed sessions and comments regarding the session.

The biggest and most important commitment on the part of the athlete is providing your coach with weekly feedback in terms of how the training went, what the struggles were, any niggles which are being felt, fatigue levels and current stresses. Without this feedback it is impossible for your coach to know what is and isn’t been done and whether or not you are adapting to the training. Remember that everyone is an individual and therefore everyone responds differently to training. Your coach cannot personalize your training without insight into how you are responding to it.

Only together can we journey toward the fulfillment of your goals.

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