Blood Lactate Testing


As exercise intensity increases, the substrate to produce energy shifts primarily from the aerobic energy system using fatty acids to the anaerobic energy system using glycogen. Glycogen is broken down in order to meet the higher energy demands of the muscles with an accumulation of the by-product, lactic acid.

Lactic acid itself is not the problem, but rather the hydrogen ions released by the lactic acid which increases the acidity in the muscles and ultimately cause us to slow down and eventually stop.

We offer blood lactate testing which gives you an idea of the pace and heart rate at which you reach your lactate threshold level. Lactate threshold is the point at which lactic acid is accumulating quicker in the blood than the body is able to remove.

By knowing what this figure is one is able to train at the correct intensity and pace in order to teach the body to become more efficient at removing lactic acid, as well as being able to better buffer lactic acid.

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