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Athletics coaching for track athletes with private group track training sessions.

In order to become a great track runner an athlete must tick all the boxes. Correct nutrition, recovery, mental focus, efficient running mechanics and sound training.

There’s a perception held by most runners that a track session has to be run as hard as possible. But this is not always the case and each athlete must be given individualized training based on his/her response or adaptation to each training session.


There are 2 options available to athletes with regards to track coaching:

  • Track sessions currently in the Bedfordview and Johannesburg CBD area. Although these sessions include a group of athletes each athlete is treated on a individual basis and training sessions are allocated to each individual according to his/her relevant goals and needs.
  • Virtual or online coaching. This is still private one-on-one coaching, but means that the athlete can be anywhere in the world. All training is loaded onto an online training platform accessible via the web or smart device app. The most important aspect of this option is a commitment by the athlete to give the coach weekly feedback regarding the training and their response to it.

These options are available to anyone 13 years and older who has a passion for running and wants to reach their full potential.

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