2015 Posts

Pre-Comrades 2015 Speech

It was an honor for me to be asked to give the annual Comrades speech at the Bedfordview Athletics Club yesterday. I thought I’d share it with the greater Comrades running community. (Please excuse spelling, gramma, etc, I haven’t had a chance to edit.) Comrades 2015 One of the most […]

Boston 2015 Race Report

It’s hard to believe that the Boston marathon for me, is a thing of the past. It seemed months back I started a deliberate build up to this epic race and suddenly it had come and gone so quickly. This is not a detailed overview of Boston Marathon itself, that […]

Calm down and run

It seems road runners have very little to talk about save Comrades. Wow! That sounded a little more brutal than intended. But, join a group of distance runners across the country and almost without fail the conversation will invariably end up with Comrades. One would naturally expect there to be […]