2013 Posts

More than just running

Running has always been far more than just running to me. In 2000 after several years of struggling with runner’s knee I eventually stopped altogether. I had tried everything (you can read more about it under the About Us page), nothing I did got rid of the injury and eventually […]


Hobbit 2013

I continued to force one foot in front of the other as we continued up, up and up what seemed like an endless climb underneath a hot relentless African sun. My muscles felt like they were bleeding and my mind was crying for the finish line, but at this pace, […]

First real long run on LCHF

To be honest when Dr Prof Tim Noakes started going on about the LCHF (low carb high fat) diet I thought he had lost his mind! Of course I knew that “bad” carbs where a problem and that one should stay away from refined and simple carbs like white bread, […]


Wild Coast Ultra

What an incredible journey. As I sit down to put my experience on paper I struggle to find the words to describe the 6 day journey. A journey, that’s exactly what it is. The WCU is a 250km race which started at the Umgazi river mouth and finished on Nahoon […]