Training Tips & Advice

Running the DisChem 21km Race

The DisChem route is by no means the easiest 21km around. What makes it particularly tough is the fact that it takes place so soon after the holidays. A rude awakening of the work that needs to be done as marathon season, Two Oceans and Comrades draw ever closer. I’ve […]

Dischem Training Tip #3

Dischem 2013 Half Marathon Training Tip #3 – The Final Count Down With the DisChem 21k race only days away I hope you are excited and ready to get your running year off with a bang as you tackle the hills and streets of Bedfordview. The time for longer training […]

Dischem Training Tip #2

Dischem 2013 Half Marathon Training Tip #2 – Take advantage of the holidays December, a time for family, holidays and a whole lot of relaxing. But, be careful not to take your foot off the gas completely when it comes to your training and maintaining some level of fitness. Remember […]

Dischem Training Tip #1

Dischem 2013 Half Marathon Training Tip #1 – Speed-endurance With the DisChem 21km race just under 8 weeks away I hope that your build up is going well and that you have established a solid base with some consistent running. For the month of November your main focus should be […]

Hit the gym

Most of us sit at a desk in front of a computer screen all day. While the human body was definitely built to run, it was most certainly not built to sit behind a computer all day. The problem with sitting in front of a computer all day and the […]

Time to get going!

Spring is in the air!

This is my favourite time of the year. It never fails to amaze me. Winter is nature’s time to die and die it sure does! The grass is dead, the leaves are bare and there’s an icy cold in the air that finds its way into the very core of your bones and joints.

Fortunately winter lasts for a few months and then suddenly, out of the blue, something changes.

I want to run faster!

Most runners regardless of their inherited genetic talent want to run faster. Some simply want to improve their overall running speed, others want to run a fast 10km, still others want to improve their marathon or ultra marathon times. Everyone can run faster, everyone can improve their running. I’d say […]

Hit the Trails

Because the road surfaces we run on are very even (generally speaking), we tend to use the same muscles over and over, day in and day out. The result being that we end up over using the same muscles and fail to properly activate and use others. Hit the trails. […]