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Sports Massage

Muscles pull on tendons which in turn pull on joints which ultimately gets us moving or in our cases running. In order for this to happen the brain sends signals to the nerves which through a chemical reaction causes the muscle to contract.   From time to time muscle fibres […]

Time to get going!

Spring is in the air!

This is my favourite time of the year. It never fails to amaze me. Winter is nature’s time to die and die it sure does! The grass is dead, the leaves are bare and there’s an icy cold in the air that finds its way into the very core of your bones and joints.

Fortunately winter lasts for a few months and then suddenly, out of the blue, something changes.

I don’t know what it is or how it happens but suddenly without warning you wake up one morning and there’s life! Magically, overnight blossoms and signs of life start to apear and with that comes a feeling of hope. Winter is at its end and summer is on the way.

This time of the year brings a newness and a freshness that seems to rekindle the desire to get out on the road, to get fit and perhaps even train up to run a PB or a race for the first time in the months ahead.


Quite simply, there is nothing like running. Slip on a pair of shorts, a vest and your running shoes and head out the door. In a matter of minutes you find yourself in a comfortable rhythm, your breathing controlled and relaxed, the feint sound of your feet lightly touching the […]


Runners Survival Kit

Runners Survival Kit Let’s face it, we’re nothing like our ancestors. We don’t sleep in caves, we don’t hunt for food, we don’t gather berries, and we don’t run across the grass planes barefoot, not all of us that is. We sleep on soft cushioned mattresses with soft cushioned pillows, […]

Keeping the weight under wraps

Keeping the weight under wraps You’ve had a great holiday, you’re well rested, you’ve done some good training, you’re ready to take on 2013. That is until you step onto the scale. “5kg’s heavier!! What the hell?” you say to yourself. “I know I pigged out, but I trained every […]

Keep it ticking over in December

Keep it ticking over in December There’s a strange trend in South Africa when it comes to club running and I guess it may have something to do with Comrades. Firstly, I’m not knocking Comrades, I love Comrades, it’s one of the most amazing events in the world and I […]