About Me

I love running, it is my passion. Running brings joy to my soul. There’s a wonderful quote by Eric Liddell which sums running up for me, “I believe God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast! And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

I took part in the 1500m and 3000m events at school, but I really enjoyed the road races, 10km, 15km, 21km. My first 32km race which was the RAC Tough One when I was in grade 11. From as far back as I can remember I’d always wanted to run the Comrades Marathon and I couldn’t wait for my 18th birthday so that I could enter Comrades. After being told (and rightly so) by numerous “older” top athletes like Johnny Halberstadt to wait a few years, I eventually decided to run Comrades at age 23 come hell or high water, which I did. At that stage in my life I was struggling with “runner’s knee” and nothing seemed to fix it. I was put into entry-level anti-pronation shoes and when that didn’t work, the heaviest anti-pronation shoes you could find, and when that didn’t work, the heaviest anti-pronation shoes with a heavy orthotic. That helped for a couple of months before the pain returned and ultimately I ended up running a very painful Comrades with very little training in a time of 10h30 in 2000.

That was the end of my running career (or at least I thought so at the time). There simply seemed nothing more I could do to fix the knee and I called it a day. For 7 long years I didn’t run and I missed it every day of those 7 years. Each day I would enviously drive past runners as they went about what seemed to come so naturally to them.

Toward the end of 2007 I met a biokineticist who took a look at my knee and assisted me with rehab exercises and by October 2007 I was back on the road running and thankful for every minute out there. I threw out the orthotics and ran Comrades in 2008 struggling through the typical “too much, too soon” injuries of ITB and the like, but finished Comrades in 2008 in a time of 09h33.

From there I continued to strengthen my legs and build my running year on year. I now run injury free (unless I do something stupid) in minimalist shoes (a far cry from heavy anti-pronation shoes with orthotics) and continue to push myself harder and harder with each year.

Here are my current PR’s:

  • 10km – 33:55
  • 21km – 1:14:17
  • 32km – 2:05:00
  • 42km – 2:48:00
  • 56km – 4:09:00
  • Comrades Up – 7:17:00
  • Comrades Down – 7:14:00
  • 1st in 3 day Umgeni River Trail Fest 2012
  • 3rd in 21km in Gauteng XL 2012
  • 1st in 6 day 250km Wild Coast Ultra 2013
  • 3rd in 2 day 100km Hobbit Trail Run 2013
  • 2nd in Mont aux Sources 50km Trail Run 2014

Other areas of involvement and qualifications:

  • USA Track & Field Level 2 Coach (equivalent to IAAF Level 4)
  • Lyno Method – Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3
  • Certified NAASFP Marathon Coach Certification
  • Elite and club coach for Modern Athlete Club (current)
  • Modern Athlete Magazine contributor
  • Coach of the Bedfordview Athletics Club Performance Squad as well as Club Coach (current)
  • Club Captain of Bedfordview Athletics Club from 2009-2011
  • First Aid Level 1

Why the name, RunEtics.com

Running + Kinetics, after all running is all about human movement.