Coaching is more than just stringing a few random sessions together, getting the athlete to follow them and hoping for the best at the end of the day.

Coaching is more than just getting an athlete out onto a track and pushing them as hard and as fast as possible. That’s not coaching, that’s being a drill-sergent and is most certainly a recipe for overtraining which always end in injury, illness or both.

Coaching is the process of understanding the science of the body, getting to know and understand the individual you are working with and then adapting the theory through an approach in order to match the current physiological and psychological level of the individual.

Coaching is understanding which physiological adaptations an athlete requires for their target events and then gradually bringing about the adaptations within the various systems of the body, such as the cardiovascular, muscular, aerobic metabolic, and endocrine systems.

Coaching is a personal relationship between coach and athlete and there has to be buy-in and commitment to the professional relationship with open channels of regular communication by both the coach and the athlete. If you are looking to be the best you can be and are willing to invite a coach into your space, then being coached is for you.

There are no such thing as overnight success. When you start a journey with a coach you begin a process. A training process. With scientific and carefully constructed training programs you will begin to see progress in time and together with your coach you’ll reach your goals and beyond.

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“I started running and training for 2 Oceans Half Marathon in January 2016 (after never having been a frequent runner). I had no program to stick to and thought that the more distance I did would make me fitter and faster.  To my surprise; my Parkrun times got slower and slower (even slower than when I was a ‘non-runner’); and 2 weeks before 2 Oceans I hit a wall, and hard! I couldn’t even run 5km without feeling absolutely exhausted!  Needless to say, I had a terrible race and realised that if I wanted to carry on running (and to enjoy it) I needed to seek some help. I then I found Ray!

Since I have been under Ray’s supervision I absolutely love my running again! I am seeing great results and have achieved PB’s for 4km; 5km and 10km. The Runetics and Sportlyzer systems are easy to use and the ability to give and receive feedback is great! Having a plan to stick to and a personalised program (albeit from the other side of the world) has motivated me and I am excited for what’s to come!” – Samantha Beukes – Biokineticist